Committed to Responsible Health Care Policy that Ensures Patient Access

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ANHP is constantly working to protect patient access to health care.


Access to quality health care affects all of New Hampshire’s citizens, regardless of political affiliation.

Involved in 2012 Elections:

We are actively involved in gubernatorial and legislative races. Our goal is to identify and support politicians that are committed to securing access to high quality health care and recognize that the health of our citizens is vital to the state’s future.

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Why was ANHP started?

The deterioration of federal and state government reimbursement to cover the cost of services provided to patients enrolled in the Medicare and Medicaid programs has resulted in non-sustainable cost shifting to commercial payers.  Consequently, there is a need for concerned citizens to become more directly involved in the election of candidates who are dedicated to fiscally responsible health care policy in order to stabilize the delivery of health care services in New Hampshire.

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